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When a loved one is facing nursing home placement or needs home care after surgery or an accident, you want to do everything you can to make the best decision concerning their care. They have a Choice! The A&D Home Health Care team is made up of skilled, compassionate caregivers who are committed to fulfill our mission to "help keep them in their homes," by providing excellent medical care with a focus on each patient and family's unique emotional, practical and spiritual needs.  Your support to the A&D Charitable Foundation can help us assure that A&D Home Health Care professional exceptional level of care and commitment can be available to every family when they need it most.


Home health care is an increasingly vital component of the well being of our community members. Patients receive home-based care for many reasons, including recovery after a hospital stay for an illness,
surgical procedure or injury, as well as for care involving chronic conditions. A&D Home Health Care is a well-recognized resource for comprehensive home health care. Our innovative approaches have earned us a placein the top tier of home-health providers in the state. Your gift to A&D Charitable Foundation will help A&D Home Health Care professionals continue this proud tradition.



Charitable gifts are vital to A&D Home Health Services


You can help provide quality health care by donating today:

Honor a loved one for their accomplishments or as a memorial
Wish your loved one a happy birthday
Give the gift by Endowment
Monetary gifts are welcome


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